• What We Sell

    Discover our exquisite selection of timeless women's fashion essentials. From graceful dresses and refined blazers to edgy jackets and vibrant trousers, our collection has something for everyone. Indulge in captivating accessories, chic handbags, and top of the line ready-to-wear to elevate your style to new heights.

  • Experts in Elegance

    At The Refind Closet our dedicated team fully embrace the essence of fashion. With unrivaled expertise, their knowledge of our product, passion for the world of luxury resale, and pride in building community help us stand apart from the crowd.

  • Social Media Experience

    Social media holds a pivotal position within our esteemed business and vibrant community. Our captivating Instagram Live shows, dynamic stories showcasing current merchandise, & playful and aesthetic grid posts have cultivated an online shopping haven, resulting in quick product turnaround and remarkable success.

  • Personal Relationships

    We cherish the personal connections we forge with each and every one of our consignors and clients. Whether you step through our doors or engage with us over the phone, expect nothing less than warm greetings and attentive responses to your questions. Your satisfaction and comfort are of utmost importance to us, as we strive to create an exceptional luxury resale experience tailored to your unique needs.

  • Consignment Standards

    To ensure the highest quality and satisfaction, we kindly request that all merchandise be presented in pristine condition, exemplifying cleanliness and excellence. We hold everything - from winter coats to summer slides - to the highest standard and like-new condition.

  • Committed to Confidentiality

    At The Refind Closet, safeguarding your privacy is of our utmost priority. We hold steadfast in our commitment to never disclose any personal or identifying information, ensuring both confidentiality and peace of mind for all those that we work week.

  • Consignment Return Policy

    The Refind Closet has complete authority to return items at any time, for any reason to the consignors. The consignors have complete authority to request their items back at any time, for any reason as long as the item has not sold before requesting. Once an item is returned in our SimpleConsign system, it will populate as “RETURNED” in the consignor’s account. The consignor will then receive an email from inventory@therefindcloset.com with the subject line “RETURN NOTICE”, notifying them of their item to be returned.

    Consignors have 14 days to either pick up their items in the store, communicate that they would like their items shipped back, or communicate that they are okay for The Refind Closet to donate them. If there is no contact within 14 days of initial notification, the items will be automatically donated to The Assistance League of Seattle. A tax receipt is available for donated items upon request.

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